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Meze 99 Classics Testsieger in Hifi Choice

"Testsieger Kopfhörer 300-400 €" (Hifi Choice) 

Meze 99 Classics in Part-time Audiophile

"...I want one of these headphones." (Best Headphones Award at CanJam SoCal) (Part-time Audiophile)

Meze 99 Classics in PC Mag

"...The Meze 99 Classics are an overwhelmingly pleasant surprise ... from the very first glance, the Meze 99 Classics have high-end, luxury headphones written all over them." (PC Mag)

Meze 99 Classics in Innerfidelity

"...Wow....just wow. These cans sound great. Where to start? ... Time after time as I compared these cans against others in its category I found them not only superior in balance and natural sound, but also delivering a far more fun listening experience than competitors. The Meze 99 Classic will be hitting the "Wall of Fame" (Innerfidelity)

Meze 99 Classics in Head-Fi

"...The Meze 99 Classics is Simply, Fantastic." (Head-Fi)

Meze 99 Classics in Headmania

"...They actually make me think of a smaller and closed version of Sennheiser HD800. Yes, I liked them that much... I think that Meze 99 Classics just became my favorite closed headphones at the moment. Actually let’s forget for a little while that they are closed and just say that they are wonderful headphones in general." (Headmania)

Meze 99 Classics in 6moons.com

"...those are unbelievable headphones. Got 'em several days ago and honestly can’t figure out how the Meze people were able to pull this off ... it'd be my first choice. That might tell you all you need to know" (6moons)